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Dremel Glue Gun Set
MODEL Dremel Glue Gun
Dremel Glue Gun Set
MODEL Dremel Glue Gun
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The Dremel 930 is a dual-temperature glue gun especially suitable for detailed glueing. In low temperature setting the tool is ideal for a variety of creative hobby applications, such as scrapbooking, decorating, colour glueing on glass etc.

More Information
  • Drip control: to prevent dripping glue onto the project
  • Dual temperature setting: enables gluing heat-sensitive materials plus using high melt glue
  • Precision tip: for intricate gluing
  • Silicone nozzle sleeves: to prevent from burning
  • Extendable plastic stand: to easily position glue gun in a stable way
  • Glue output: 5 g/min
  • Suitable for 7 mm glue sticks

  • Includes:
  • One glue gun
  • 12 coloured glue sticks
  • Six plain glue sticks
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