Welcome to BizRewards.
Collect Points and enjoy rewards when you shop at The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery.

Any questions?

Here are the answers to some common questions people have about BizRewards.

When will my BizRewards card(s) arrive?

It will take a couple of weeks for your card(s) to arrive in the mail. Please note, that if you have applied for a credit account we will have to go through a credit and fraud check before we can send your card. If you’re keen to go shopping in the meantime please email info@stationery.co.nz for a letter of authority. You can take this letter in to store and present at time of purchase to utilise your BizRewards account.

How do I earn Reward Points?

You will earn at least one Reward Point for every dollar spent on your account at The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery, and one Reward Point for every ten dollars spent on your account at Noel Leeming.

We use Swedish rounding, so amounts up to 49 cents are rounded down to the nearest dollar, and amounts 50 cents and over are rounded up. So if you buy something for $2.51, you’ll earn three Reward Points. We will regularly offer bonus points earning opportunities so be sure to check the site and your emails from us regularly to make sure you get the most from the programme.

How do I achieve Gold Status?

The more you spend at The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery annually, between 01 May and 30 April the more you will benefit.

Gold Status – Spend $20,000 or more on your BizRewards account at The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery and you will earn 2 points per $1 spent at The Warehouse & Warehouse Stationery and 1 point per $10 spent at Noel Leeming.

Gold Status is assigned on 01 May of each year. As soon as your spend reaches Gold Status level, we will upgrade you and let you know. Gold Status eligibility for each subsequent year is reviewed on 01 May each year based on the previous 12 month spend in The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery. Spend on account at Noel Leeming or on excluded products does not contribute to Gold Status achievement.

How do I redeem my Reward Points?

Login to this website using your account login details, and on the My Rewards page you can view your transactions, your points balance and the full range of rewards. You also have the option to print your records for whatever period you select. For redemptions, search by points range, or select from the categories on the left hand navigation panel. There are then two easy steps to make your redemption. Note, your postal billing address must be in New Zealand in order to participate in this programme.

What if I don’t have enough Reward Points?

On the rewards website each reward item shows the amount of points required. You will need to wait until you have accumulated the specified amount of points before you can make a redemption. BizRewards does not have the option of part payment by cash and part by Rewards Points.

What happens to my points if I close my account?

If you close your business account, your Reward Points will remain valid for 30 days. If they have not been redeemed within this timeframe they will be forfeited.

Can I join my Reward Points with points accumulated from another account?

No, unfortunately you cannot transfer your Reward Points to another account, nor can Points from different accounts be combined.

Who can redeem for rewards?

Anyone you authorise within your organisation and provide your account holder login details to, will be able to redeem rewards.

Will my points expire?

Reward Points earned from 01 May 2014 are valid for two years from the date they were earned. Points earned prior to that date have an expiry of three years from the date they were earned. BizRewards programme join points, and any added for purchases made prior to joining, will be removed if your membership is not activated within 120 days. When redeeming we always use your oldest points first.

How long will it take to receive my rewards?

Vouchers will be dispatched within 8 working days and merchandise within 21 working days. Magazine Subscriptions will be posted from their next available issue. Vouchers with a value of $200 or more will be sent by courier to your primary postal address and a signature will be required. There is no option to have smaller amounts sent by courier. They will be posted so please ensure that we have the correct postal address on file for you.

What if I lose my vouchers?

Vouchers are treated as cash. Unfortunately we are unable to replace lost vouchers. All voucher redemptions under $200 in value will be mailed to you. Redemptions over this amount will be sent by courier.

Can I redeem my Reward Points when I am shopping in store or online as part payment?

No, your purchasing on account in store is treated completely separately in the redemption of rewards.